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Ecommerce website builder


50+ free ecommerce website designs

With more than 50+ designs available with Go4shops, you can choose the one that suits perfectly with your online ecommerce website theme. Building the online ecommerce website has now become easy with no more coding knowledge required.


Ecommerce website customisations

With the help of our CSS capabilities, advanced and required customizations can easily be done to your online store. There will be no extra costs for CSS utilization.


Mobile friendly designs

All the designs are completely flexible and can easily adapt to any of the digital devices including laptops, mobile or desktop, etc. These responsive designs for the online ecommerce website will let your customers operate from anywhere anytime.


Custom domain name

You are free to use the existing custom domain name for your online ecommerce website at no extra charges. With a custom domain name, you get to provide a strong standalone image of your online ecommerce website to the customers.

Inventory management


Multiple categories organisation

As per your business requirements, you can properly organize all the available products into various categories and sub-categories. Sorting of the products can be done based on the names of categories. This helps in ease of use for customers.


Unlimited product listing

You can list out as many products on your online ecommerce website as you want in order to create a broad-ranging catalog for your customers to choose from. This can be done at no additional costing.


Multiple image upload

For every product, you are allowed to have a maximum of four images to better showcase your products from different angles and directions.


List product options

You can list out all the options available for your product including the sizes, colors, and weight,etc within the product listing. This helps in increasing the conversion rates.

Payment integration


Integrated payment gateway

The integrated payment gateways allow you to accept the payments from your customers immediately. The available payment options include debit cards and credit cards.


Secure online store

With Go4shops, you can provide a secure platform to your customers for shopping without any thefts and data loss. We have SSL certification which makes sure everything is properly encrypted along with the transactions made.


Tax computation

The appropriate taxes are charged on all the services and products and indicated in the ecommerce website so that the business fully taxes compliant.


Multiple payment solutions

There are various payment methods available for the customers to do shopping as per their ease. There is cash on delivery option available along with credit and debit cards.

Shipping Integration


Integrated Shipping & Logistics

You can provide various delivery solutions to all customers during the purchase time and this will highly secure your ecommerce website sales.

State of the art technology


SEO friendly store

With Go4shops, the visibility of your increases online and it becomes discoverable to all customers who search online. You can mention the search descriptors and the Meta tags as per your needs with our built-in SEO features without prior knowledge of coding.

Ecommerce website Management


Customer profile

You can organize the ecommerce website in a better way by reading and understanding the customers’ profile from the database which holds all information like location, order history and contact details, etc.


Guest check outs

You can allow the visitors to check out as guests if they wish to and capture all the sales data.


Order notification

The customers will receive an automated notification through email for ensuring the fulfillment of the order along with smooth customer service.


Single panel management

With the help of a single centralized panel, all the relevant information including shipment and payment status can be tracked.


Open 24/7

With mobile app, you can manage your ecommerce website remotely anytime and let the ecommerce website be open for your customers 24/7 round the corner.


Refund facility

The refunds ones can be done for the customers. All such transactions will be automatically updated in the inventory.

Data insights & Analytics



We have a comprehensive dashboard holding all the important data insights including the top sold products from your ecommerce website and sales graph periodic depiction. With this useful information, you can organize your inventory and grow your business smartly.


Google Analytics

You can link the online ecommerce website with the google analytics account. This will help you in understanding the visitor data on your ecommerce website and target your audience in a better way.

Marketing & Expansion


Discount engines

You can increase the sales exponentially by creating discount options like price off coupons and other attractive options.


Promotion tools

In order to market products more strategically, you can build up various promotions like bundling, etc.


Viral marketing

There are options available for customers to easily share the items from the online ecommerce website to their social media pages. This leads to the marketing of your online ecommerce website thus increasing online visibility.


Social media share

You can share the domain link of your ecommerce website on all the social media pages like Twitter, Instagram handles, and Facebook, etc. This will increase visitors to your ecommerce website.


Database marketing

The direct messaging services can be used like Whatsapp messaging and SMS etc to share the link of your online ecommerce website among your customers and increase the sales.

Mobile App


Free Mobile App

The Go4shops app is available freely on all the smartphones Android operating systems for all the customers.


Mobile online store

Within a fraction of minutes, you can create an online ecommerce website from your mobile. You can directly add images from your mobile to inventory and integrate the payment methods. To reach directly to all the customers, just you need to share the ecommerce website link.

Ecommerce support


Expert support

Our experts are available to provide any type of free e-commerce solution and for guidance on the complete setup of your store.


Extensive resources

You can read out our FAQs and utilize the available resource to get all information about the available functionalities and features to start your online ecommerce website as per your ease.


Omni channel contact

We will be connected always via social media platforms and various communication channels.

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